Lunch that starts at 12:30 hours, followed by a guided tour through the Peace Palace at 14.00 hours.

Exclusively for the partners, a lunch will be organized upon a joint initiative by Mrs Suad Yusuf, spouse of H.E. Judge Abdulqawi A. Yusuf, President of the International Court of Justice, and Mrs Yuwen Schrijver-Li, spouse of professor Nico Schrijver, our IDI President, in the Restaurant des Juges, at the Peace Palace,.

Followed by a guided tour through the Peace Palace at 14.00 hours. The number of participants is limited to 40, so it is on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

A two-course lunch will be served: 

Salade caprese
Fletan grillé sauce safran




Price for this two-course menu :                     €26,50, excluding drinks, to be paid in the restaurant

Location:                                                        Restaurant des Judges, Peace Palace

Start lunch:                                                    12:30 PM 

Start guided four after the lunch:                  14:00 PM

Back at Restaurant des Judges:                    15:30 PM